PH8 - Specifications

May 5, 2016

The PH8 is an oceangoing, aluminum catamaran capable of crossing the Atlantic.  A comfortable, safe passagemaker in the Robert P. Beebe spirit.

The perfect cruising passagemaker for a couple.
Designed by the late Malcolm Tennant, New Zealand, a world renowned catamaran designer for over thirty years and Alan Walker, a shipbuilding engineer specialized in aluminum boats.

Registered in the Netherlands, with a Certificate of Yacht Registration for Pleasure Crafts.
Owned by Caracol LTD, Nassau Bahamas.

Registration number IT-PHZ54001B406
Hull ID IT-PHZ54001B406
Flag Dutch
Home Port Amsterdam
Make/builder One-off Home Build
Year 2006
Radio call sign PB4554
MMSI 244740456
ATIS 9244024554

Maximum number of souls on board 12.  Each must have its own PFD in an accessible place.

LOA 16.50 m 54'2
LWL 15.17 m 49'8
Beam 6.78 m 22'3
Hull Beam 1.14 m 3'9
Draft 1.42 m 4'8
Total Clearance 6.15 m 20'2
Maximum displacement 30,000 kg 66,000 lbs


Power Two Cummins 270 hp (198 kW) diesels


Hull speed = (sqr 49.64) x 1.34 9.4 knots

Fuel capacity 6,482 liters 1,715 US gals
Water capacity 1,292 liters 342 US gals
Black water capacity 170 liters 45 US gals


Fuel Consumption Speed and Range

The following fuel consumption data were measured in the Summer 2009 with the flow meters, with the cat fully equipped for cruising and calm sea.

10 knots Both engines at 1800 RPM 26 l/hr 0.38 miles/l 6.9 USG/hr 1.44 miles/USG range 2493 miles
16 knots Both engines at 2600 RPM (max) 80 l/hr 0.20 miles/l 21 USG/hr 0.76 miles/USG range 1296 miles

Be aware that the fuel consumption data that follows and the ones contained in Test Runs and Fuel Consumptions were measured in November 2006, when the total weight of the cat was app. only 18,500 kg.

At the present time I do not plan to do more test runs since it is a very tedious and boring undertaking.


Hydrostatic Data

The hydrostatic data is per hull.

Baseline Draft: 1.300
Trim: zero
Heel: zero

Length Overall: 15.458 m LWL: 15.238 m Beam: 1.140 m BWL: 1.129 m
Volume: 14.510 m
Displacement: 14.873 MT

Prismatic: 0.736 Block: 0.649 Midship: 0.881 Waterplane: 0.883

Length/Beam: 13.560 Displacement/length: 117.149 Beam/Depth: 0.877
MT/ cm Immersion: 0.156

Waterplane: 15.193 m2 Wetted Surface: 45.139 m2
Under Water Lateral Plane: 18.088 m2 Above Water Lateral Plane: 7.641 m2

Buoyancy: LCB = 7.594 fwd
Under Water LP: 7.970 fwd of Origin, 0.628 below waterline.



Tender Specifications

Arimar model 360 Top Line.

Registration Number Tender To PH8
Hull ID IT-ARI62586D910

Maximum number of souls on board 5 

LOA 3.51 m  
Width 1.67 m  
Empty weight (without engine) 77 kg  
Maximum working power 25 hp / 18.4 kW  
Maximum load 450 kg  


Power Tohatsu 2.5 HP

Fuel consumption 2.15 l/h US gals/hr


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