Interior Layout

June 22, 2011


The living accommodations on the PH8 are on three levels:

Starting aft, on the main deck, the kitchen and dining room.

Half a floor up the steering station and a lounge.

In front two cabins and two bathrooms.

One floor up, the boat deck, with the tender and survival equipment.


All the living accommodations are located on the wing deck, or above.  The hulls are reserved for machinery, tankage and storage space.

The living accommodations are divided into three sections.  Beginning aft a 2.5 x 5.0 m section ( the larger number is the width) of 12.5 square meters (135 sq. ft) for the kitchen and dinette.

Up some steps is the bridge, also 2.5 x 5.0 m or 12.5 square meters (135 sq. ft).  On the right hand side a conventional steering station.  On the left a sofa bed and place for another computer, if needed.

The front section is 4.0 x 5.0 meters or 20 square meters (215 sq. ft) and dedicated to two cabins and two baths.

The total inside living space is 45 square meters (484 sq. ft).


Kitchen and Dining Room

The aft portion of the main deck is dedicated to the kitchen and the dining place.

I refuse to call the kitchen a galley because all the appliances and furniture are standard home kitchen stuff. 




The kitchen is across from the dining room.

On the right is the refrigerator, on the left the microwave oven and the cook top.

The floor and the ceiling are not yet covered with the final material.


The kitchen   


Dining room  The dining room.

The round table and the chars have been designed by Eero Saarinen

The model of the table and chairs is called Tulip, which I find a very apt name.

The kitchen and dining room together have a surface of 12.67 m^2.



On the starboard side of the wheelhouse deck are the steering stations with two chairs.

In front of one chair are the steering and engine controls, which are "drive by wire".  The actual steering is done either with the joystick or the remote control.



View from the bridge The view from the bridge.

You can see that the side windows are slightly tinted, a no no for the front windows


Bridge - starboard The navigation instruments.

From the left:

The navigation computer, an office computer with an LCD screen that displays the Navionics Mediterranean chart XL9 gold.

The Furuno Multi Function Display MFD12 that displays radar and the Furuno Mediterranean chart.

In front the steering joystick.

Above the Raymarine ST70 instrument that displays heading, SOG (speed over ground), depth and wind data (on the day I took the picture the wind blew at 24.8 knots!).

To the right the Raymarine ST70 autopilot controller.


Bridge - Engine controls The engine instruments, with the engines running at 1000 RPM.

In front, on the right hand side, the engine controls and the engine-steering handheld remote.


Bridge - Starboard side The starboard side of the bridge.

From the left:

The sliding door to the side deck.

The cabinet for the foul whether gear with on top the sockets to charge the cell phone and other gadget batteries.

The steps to the boat deck.

Some side panels are still missing.

libreria plancia The port side of the bridge, looking aft.

The bookcase above the sofa bed.

Some side panels are still missing (what's new!).

The bridge has a surface of 12.70 m^2.



The forward portion of the wing deck is dedicated to the bedrooms and bathrooms.


The master bedroom has a surface of 8.67 m^2.

The master bathroom has a surface of 3.43 m^2.

The guest bedroom has a surface of 8.40 m^2.

The guest bathroom has a surface of 3.43 m^2.

Therefore the total area dedicated to the cabins and bathrooms is 23.93 m^2.


Under the Bridge

The space under the raised bridge is on the same level of the main deck and is accessed through a door in the master bathroom..

This space is used for electrical equipment, all the batteries, the computer etc.


The computer under the bridge.



Boat Deck

Behind the wheelhouse is the place for the tender with its crane and the survival equipment.


Aft Deck

There is room for an outside sink.
The size of the sink table is 1100 x 550 mm.  On the left leave 200 mm free.  On the back leave 150 mm free.

In the middle is a full length cabinet closed with a tarpaulin.  On the bottom is the space for the three trash cans:

Glass and metal, paper , plastic

The width of the cabinet is 84.5 cm, the depth 50.0 cm.  The height of the bottom space, measured from the deck, is 60.0 cm.