Anchors and Ropes

April 16, 2016


For an oceangoing vessel a good anchoring system is a must, even if it means a lot of weight in the wrong place, at the bow.  A saying in the States goes that when in a marina people start laughing at your anchor you just about have the right size.

To obtain CE certification, a vessel of the size of the PH8 must have two anchors, both with chain rodes.

The size of the anchors and of the chain is dependent on the vessel's equipment number EN which is calculated as follows:

where ( in the last column the values for the PH8)

L = Length in meters, on the full load waterline. L = 15.17 m
B = Maximum outside breath, in meters. B = 6.78 m
D = Depth, in meters, measured vertically on the transverse section at the middle of length L, from moulded base line to the top of the deck beam at side on the weather deck. D = 3.35 m
a = distance at 0.5 L from the summer load waterline to the weather deck, in meters. a = 2.00 m
hn = height, in meters, at the centerline of each tier n of superstructures or deckhouses having a breath greater than B/4. h1 = 2.50 m
A = area, in m2, in profile view, of the parts of the hull, superstuctures, and deckhouses above the design full load waterline which are within the length L and also have a breath greater than B/4. A = 45.00 m2


For the PH8 the resulting equipment number is EN = 96.

For an equipment number of EN = 96 the following is the minimum sized equipment required by RINA, the Italian certification agency, for anchoring and mooring:

First anchor mass( high holding power) 87 kg
Second anchor mass( high holding power) 61 kg
Chain cable diameter (studless chain) 11 mm
Chain cable length on first anchor 110 m
Chain cable length on second anchor 70 m
Warping lines breaking load 8155 kg (80 kN)
Mooring lines breaking load 2895 kg (28.4 kN)
Rope length 70 m

Registro Italiano Navale, Rules for the construction and classification of pleasure vessels, effective from 1 January 1995.

Some catamarans employ only one windlass, in the center between the hulls, but I think that two windlasses are better.  Since two anchors and anchor chains are needed anyway for redundancy, it makes sense to have two windlasses.

Total Weight of the Anchoring System

1 Rocna type anchor 55 kg
1 Danforth type anchor 20 kg
140 m 140 m of 12 mm chain 462 kg
2 "Falkon" windlasses 94 kg
  Total weight 631 kg


Caution when anchoring in a crowded place and using only one anchor tied to one hull, since the catamaran will behave differently in the wind than displacement boats.



Anchor Chain Length

The anchor chains are marked in the following way:

10 m        1 red painted stripe
20 m        2 red painted stripes
30 m        3 red painted stripes




January During the haul-out attached wooden sideplates to the two chain holders.


Loaded the spare chain that was at home under the starboard windlass. 
  Approximate length 80 meters.  Red bands at 10, 20 and 30 meters.
  Cut off about 30 meters of rusted chain from the port side.  Approximate length 60 meters.
  Red bands at 10, 20 and 30 meters.
February Re-zinced both anchors in Milano.  Well worth it.
April Installed aft warping capstan on port side
  Installed Kong anchor swivel on spare anchor
June Installed aft warping capstan on starboard side



Lofrans "Falkon"Windlass

When I talked with the technical director of Lofrans deciding on whether to buy a vertical or horizontal windlass, he asked me if I intended to do some serious cruising.  I replied in the affirmative and without hesitation he told me to get a horizontal windlass.  Horizontal windlasses are easier to install, maintain and are more robust.  Since there is ample space on the foredeck but underneath the space is cramped and difficult to get to, the choice of a horizontal windlass was a no brainer.

12 V DC, horizontal stand windlasses. The two windlasses are symmetrical, that is one has the gypsy on one side, the other on the other side, letting you put both anchor chains close to each other and the middle of the catamaran.  A nice touch by Lofrans.

The remote control is waterproof, but must not be hung up upside down, since then water can enter through the wire.


Purchased July 2006

Falkon WindlassLofrans pulsantiera Liberty

1500 W motor, with a maximum pull of 1600 kg.
Gypsy for 12 mm chain.
Current draw 90-120 A in normal working conditions.

The electric wires for the handheld switch are:
Blue - down
Brown - up

For the remote to the bridge the wire colors are:
Black - down port side
Gray - up
Blue - down starboard side
Brown - up
Yellow green + 12V

Weight 47 kg each.



Electric and manual windlasses Lofrans model Falkon
2 Remote controls Lofrans model Liberty


  Port Windlass Starboard Windlass
Serial no. FK 002273 FK 002237

Lofrans' Windlasses
Via Philips 5
I-20052 Monza (MI)
+39 039 200 1973
Fax +39 039 200 4299

Represented by:

Altraranda                            att. Daniele
Viale Zara Milano
+39 039 668 03476

Elettronautica Papa
Marina di Ravenna
+39 0544 53 89 34
+39 349 198 5570

The following manual provided by the manufacturer is also part of this section:

Lofrans windlass Falkon manual
Lofran Windlass installation manual



The main anchor is a Rocna anchor, weighing 55 kg.

Purchased April 2009.



Rocna Anchors 
New Zealand

Represented by: 

Indemar spa 
Via G. Rossa, 42
Tel: +39 010 9641927

The following manual provided by the manufacturer is also part of this section:

Rocna Anchor users guide


The auxiliary anchor is an old Danforth type anchor, weighing 20 kg.


Anchor Swivel

The anchor swivel manufactured by Kong Italia is made of stainless steel AISI 316.


anchor swivel


The swivel is for 12 mm anchor chains and has a hold on the seabed without the chain twisting.
The anchor straightens up automatically and is correctly positioned on board.  The breaking load is 3000 kg.

First one purchased May 2013, second April 2016


Kong article # 644.12 Length 155 mm

The following manual provided by the manufacturer is also part of this section:

Kong anchor swivel manual



One anchor chains is app. 80 m long, 12 mm calibrated chain (12 x 36).
The other anchor chain is app. 60 m long, 12 mm calibrated chain.
Each meter weighs app. 3.3 kg.

The chain has been hot zinc plated.

Purchased July 2007


12mm x 36 mm DIN 766 calibrated chain


The tie down ropes and a spare 100 m long rope are 22 mm thick, made of 8 strands, with a rated strength of 7000 kg, black.

The following lengths should always be on board:

2    Ropes for tying the stern to the pier, about 11 m long, with a thimble on one end
2    Ropes, about 11 m long
4    Middle length rope for spring lines
1    Long rope
1    Extra long rope, 100 m



22 mm 8 strands, black rope  

Rekord Cordami
Via Prov. Saronnese, 45/A
I-20027 Rescaldina (MI)
+39 0331 469 182
Fax +39 0331 469 000


Aft Warping Capstans

One on each side to help to moore the Mediterranean way.

!2 v dc vertical warping capstans.

Port purchased December 2015.

Quick capstan


Motor power 800W with a maximum pull of 290 kg.
Current draw 80 A in normal working conditions.



Electric Quick Totem capstans Quick model  TM1000 Totem


  Port Capstan Starboard Capstan
Serial no. 10082 100128


The following manual provided by the manufacturer is also part of this section:

Quick SPA
48124 Piangipane (Ravenna) Italy
Tel +39 0544 415061

Quick verricello Totem manual



September 2010

So far, after two seasons of cruising, I am pleased with the anchoring equipment.  The damage I suffered on the starboard windlass was self inflicted.  540 HP pulling on a stuck anchor was simply too much for the brake, but all considered the damage was minor.

The remote controls are good, but where the cable enters the control it is not watertight and the bad habit of hanging the control upside down on the hatch corroded one microswitch inside.  Solution: don't do it.

The Rocna anchor proved to be good on most grounds (it cannot do miracles, in spite of what the builder claims) and sets quickly.
It is very strong having withstood repeated pulls when it got caught on chains in the harbor of Trapani, in Sicily.


2016 06 28
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