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May 12, 2016




Purchased ACR EPIRB




ACR ARTEX  Globalfix iPRO 406 MHz GPS EPRB #2846 is a Cat 1, automatically activated unit with GPS and digital display.  High intensity LED strobe.
Powered by Class 2 Li batteries.  Operation 48 hrs -20 deg. to 55 deg. C   Storage -30 deg. to 70 deg. C.

Programmed by Maritime Communications.

ACR EPIRB Test Verification Report
Model: RLB-36 (2846.0)         Netherland (244)
MMSI:   740456

Protected Message                        1E85698D00FFBFF
Total Message                                  FFFED08F42B4C6807FDFFE3697B7
Bit Synchronization                           OK
Frame Synchronization                    Test
Message Format                               Long
Protocol Flag                                    Standard
Country                                               Netherland (244)
Message Protocol                            EPIRB-MMSI
MMSI                                                  740456
EPIRB Number                                  0
Latitude Heading                              North
Latitude Degrees (Default)              OK - 127.5 degrees (Default)
Longitude Heading                            East
Longitude Degrees (Default)            OK - 255.75 degrees (Default)
Homing Facility                                   121.5 MHz
Error Correction Code                        OK
Supplementary Data                           37 hex  

Battery Replacement Date:  May 20121

HydroFix  EPIRB Hydrostatic Release model: HRU-100
Release Depth < 4m   USCG 160.162/13/0    0735/16

Hydrostatic Replacement Date:  May 2018

Purchased May 2016 from Maritime Communications.


1ACR EPRB GlobalFIX iPRO RLB-36   Part No.2846.0  

The following ACR manual provided by the manufacturer is also part of this section:

ACR EPRB Globalfix iPRO manual


Magnetic Compass

The Plastimo Offshore 75 magnetic compass is located on the bridge.

Purchased in 2006.

1 Plastimo 75 Offshore compass  


Garmin GPS 76 Handheld Receiver

The handheld GPS receiver operates on two AA batteries.

Purchased in 2006.


Garmin Handheld GPS GPS 76 Serial No. 28708867

The following Garmin manuals provided by the manufacturer is also part of this section:

Garmin 76 GPS Manual
Garmin 76 GPS Manual 2


President MC-8000 DSC VHF

Be aware that the VHF has an on-line fuse, standard size, 6A.

The cable for the loudhailer and GPS are near the VHF unit but are not connected.

Purchased in August 2008 in Porto Levante.

1President VHF <>MC-8000 DSC Serial # 64000099

The following manuals provided by the manufacturer is also part of this section:

President MC 8000 DCS VHF manual (english)
President MC 8000 DCS VHF manual (italian)






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