Safety Equipment

May 10, 2016

The following is a list of the compulsory safety equipment that has to be on board ofa CE certified vessel with a LWL of more than 15 meter long and approved for unlimited navigation.   The following safety equipment is required:

Offshore life raft
Personal floating device for every person on board
Ring buoy with 25m of rope
Anchor with 25m of rope
Dinghy bailer
Oar, boat hook

In addition to the safety equipment listed above a vessel with CE certification and a LWL of more than 15 m must be equipped with a water pump that draws seawater and pressurizes a water fire fighting system with an outlet in the bow and in the stern.  The capacity of the system must be greater than 5.5 m3 of water per hour.  Close to each outlet there must be a fire hose at least 9 meters long and with a diameter of 25 mm.  With the two hoses every corner of the boat must be reachable.

On boats with turbocharged diesel engines a semi automatic engine room fire fighting equipment is mandatory.  The air in and outlets from the engine room must be closable.  Each engine room must have an appropriate sized CO2 bottle or equivalent that can be opened from the steering station and that discharges into the engine room through one or two nozzles.

There must be an appropriate number of fire extinguishers.  I try to have only or at least almost all fire extinguishers of the CO2 type.  Although the powder ones are cheaper and smaller, you just have to see the mess that a powder fire extinguisher leaves behind when discharged in an engine room (with an engine rebuilt if you were particularly unlucky), the place besides the kitchen where a fire is most likely to develop.  One has to be able to use a fire extinguisher without having to think about the consequences, which could delay the use of the fire extinguisher and therefore risk a greater fire damage.

The sea water pumps are listed in the Sea Water Systems section.





Purchased new set of flares.  Valid 4 years .
  4 parachute flares
  4 handheld flares
  3 floatable smoke signals


February Had life raft serviced with "B" pack in Genova


Purchased Impact XL waterproof flashlight



Deep Sea Life Raft

Arimar 8P Flat. 

Purchased May 2009.

It is of the SOLAS type approved for oceanic navigation.

The size of the canister is 60 x 85 cm and a height of 45 cm.
The weight of the canister is app 90 kg.
A hydrostatic release mechanism is also provided.

Permitted height of stowage 18 m.

This life raft has to be serviced every 2 years.

Serviced and fitted with "B" pack April 2013.


Offshore life raft in a canister for 8  Serial # 080908SO0161  


The following manual provided by the manufacturer is also part of this section:

Arimar Deep Sea Life Rafts  Manual 



Hydrostatic Release Unit

 Hydrostatic release 2 Hydrostatic release

Purchased with the life raft.




Personal Flotation Device


Personal flotation device for adults    


Personal flotation device for children    


Visual Distress Signals

The emergency flares are appropriate for unlimited navigation.
The flares expire after 42 months after the date of manufacture.

The bag contains:

4 handheld flares
4 parachute signal rockets
3 orange floating smoke signals

Purchased April 2013

The out of date flares are kept on board as spares.


Fire Extinguishers

The four CO2 fire extinguisher bottles are located in the following places:

1    before the port engine room
1    before the starboard engine room
1    bridge
1    kitchen

Possibe Engine Room Fire Extinguisher System

Each engine room has a volume of about 8.25 m3.  (The area of an engine room frame is app. 3.5 m2, the length of an engine room is 2.5m, thus the resulting volume is 2.5m  X 3.5m2 = 8.75 m3.  Subtract the volume of an engine and exhaust system estimated conservatively at 0.5 m3 and the resulting volume is 8.25 m3)


LED Flashlight

The Princeton Tec Impact XL LED flashlight has regulated LED for constant output, an impact resistant body and a twist bezel activated switch.

Runs with 4 AA batteries.
Power 65 Lumens
Lamp 1 Maxbright LED
Distance 50 Meters
Burn time 50 Hours
Weight 197g with batteries
Waterproof 100 meters

Princeton Tec calculates total burn time as the time it takes for the light source to produce a minimum of 0.25 lux at 2 meters.  0.25 lux is about the equivalent of a full moon on a clear light.


 Princeton Tec Impact XL LED flashlight    



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