2009 - Tremiti Islands - Gallipoli - Porto Levante


Friday, July 10, 2009


Tremiti Island castle

Before leaving the Tremiti Islands we want to visit the castle, perched atop the NE island of San Nicola.



Tremiti island castle

After a long climb we arrive to the foot of the castle.

Actualli there is an elevator inside the mountain, but it is out of order.



View from castle 1

This is the view from the castle, looking at the other island, San Domino.

On San Domino is the village catering to the tourists.


View from the castle

The view from the castle towards North West.



The castle 1

The castle 2

Unfortunately the inside of the castle is in a sorry state.  The scaffoldings have been there for years, but nobody is doing any work.  Apparently they ran out of money.  Or rather, the money ran in another direction...


Leaving the Tremiti islands we head for the Gargano, the "spur" of the boot that is Italy.

Peschici, with its old castle on the left, is the first small town we meet on the mainland.

Unfortunately the little harbor is too shallow and small to accomodate us and there is not a safe anchorage nearby so we have to continue.




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