The Crew



Yours truly, Paul Hotz

Clara Barbetta, my companion.

Julia Lawson, an Australian.

Last Summer (2008) an Australian acquaintance told me that a friend of theirs was travelling through Italy and asked if they could give her my phone number in case she needed something.  I agreed and shortly thereafter Julia calls me, saying that she is on the way to see a friend in Trieste.  Since to go to Trieste she had to pass near Porto Levante, the home base of the PH8, I offered her to stay on board for a day or two.


Towards the end of August Julia appears in Porto Levante.  She had traveled for more than two months across Italy.  She was eager to see Italy since her parents were from Sicilian origin.  Clara was back home and I was anxious to sea trial the PH8 again, so I offered to take her to see Venice from the sea, an offer she readily accepted. 

To go to Venice from Porto Levante you have to go about 15 miles on the open sea to Chioggia, where you enter the Venetian lagoon.  That day the sea was a bit rough and I asked her if it bothered her.  "That you call rough?" she said, "I call it rough when the waves are up there" pointing up high with her outstretched hand.  Besides she told me that she was used to boating and thought to buy a boat herself in the future.  Somehow her ways reminded me of a female version of Crocodile Dundee.

I showed her Venice from the sea and then we docked for the night alongside the public wharf in Malamocco.  The docking was easy and she gave me a hand  with the ropes.  In the course of the evening she asked me what I intended to do with the boat.  I told her of my plans of visiting Croatia, Greece and perhaps even Turkey.  Depending on what would happen in her future she said that she might be interested in joining the cruise.

After she left Porto Levante she went on with her trip through Italy but before leaving for Australia from Malpensa airport near Milano she spent a few days near where I live on Lago Maggiore where she met Clara and my daughter Elizabeth.

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