PH8 - An Oceangoing Power Catamaran

 The construction and enjoyment of the PH8, an oceangoing power catamaran, designed by Malcolm Tennant and Alan Walker of New Zealand.  A 4 wheel drive of the seas.


PH8 a Porto Azzurro 

The PH8 at anchor in Porto Azzurro, Elba.

  PH8 Amalfi small  Crociera 2013
2012 canale di Corinto Crociera 2012
2011 Cruise Crociera 2011
Velji Lago Crociera 2010


  2009 cruise small 2009 - Adriatic Cruise

Croatia - Porto Levante to Zadar
Croatia - Zadar to Tremiti Islands
Puglia - Tremiti Islands to Porto Levante

Diario di Clara 2009
    The Journey to the Seaside

2008 - From Lago Maggiore to Cremona
2008 - From Cremona to Porto Levante



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