January 16, 2008



A collection of articles and odds and ends I find interesting and useful.

Mathematics Il Monoscafo Dislocante
Il Catamarano Dislocante
Power Requirements
Engine Power
  January 2008
PH8 Testruns and Data (PDF file) How the cat performs at various RPM's PH May 14, 2006
Power Catamarans and the LCG Power Cats and the LCG Malcolm Tennant October 16, 2000
Power Catamaran Data Performance of the Displacement Catamaran Malcolm Tennant December 16, 2000
Pushing the Envelope (PDF file) Size does Matter
How Many People Anyway?
More Space
A Look at Narrow Hulls
How efficient are Catamarans Really?
PH May 2006
Rollio PH September 25, 2000

Magazine Articles

A Case for the Displacement Power Cat Malcolm Tennant, Power Multihulls Vol. 1, No.2, Spring 1999, p.25
A Comparison of Power Catamarans Jacob van Renen, Power Multihulls No.4, Spring 2000, p.30
Antenna Essentials Passagemaker Magazine Jan/Feb 2000, page 64
Displaning, a new dimension in powerboat... Peter Brady, Power Multihulls Vol. 1, No.3, fall 1999, p.17
From New Zealand: St.John 44 Malcolm Tennant, Power Multihulls  No.4, Spring 2000, p.22
Malcolm Tennant's Icebear Malcolm Tennant, Power Multihulls  No.5, Fall 2000, p.28
Newborn Cats: Erebus 50 Malcolm Tennant, Power Multihulls Vol. 1, No.3, Fall 1999, p.25
Power Catamarans:  Planing vs. Displacement comparison Malcolm Tennant, Power Multihulls Vol. 1, No.1, p.7


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