September 15, 2002

The plating of the hulls goes on.  Not much to show on photographs, so we had the third boat party.

From the outside nothing much seems to have changed...



Francesca, out admiral bar lady.



The plating of the inside hulls shows up on this photograph.



May 28, 2002

Except for a few details at the back, the structure of the two hulls is complete.  Malcolm calls this the dinaosaur stage.



Most of the bottom plates have been installed.  You can see part of the beaching skeg.


Even the bow and the knucke have some plates.


Details of the hull plates.  The vertical welds are finished but not yet sanded.  The bottom of the plate is only tacked to the keel. 



The watertight door to the engine room.

The blue tassel in the front is to prevent people from banging their heads against a sharp corner.



The living area (45 sqiuare meters), seen from aft towards the front. 



The end of the cabins and the enormous foredeck.


2002_09_party 1.jpg, 2002_09_party 2.jpg, 2002_09_party 2.jpg
2002_05_structure.jpg, 2002_05_bottom plates.jpg, 2002_05_bow plate.jpg
2002_05_bottom plates welds.jpg, 2002_05_watertight door.jpg
2002_05_living area.jpg, 2002_05_foredeck.jpg