April 13, 2003

To celebrate the coming out of the cat, we had to have (what else?) another party.

Myself with Clara, my companion and Autocad expert..  
Lots of admirers of the cat, and what impresses people the most is the size.  


April 4, 2003

The cat is out of the bag!

We moved the hulls out of the shed into the open and added the upper part.  Now the catamaran really looks impressive.  We had to wait until the whether warmed up a bit, since we are now exposed to the elements.

Between the hulls you can see the hydraulic tractor that we used to transport the cat.  The crane is lowering the upper portion onto the lower one.  
On top the first window frames have been inserted 
The view  from the top is impressive, but you don't have to be afraid of heights.
    The two cradles that were used to transport the cat on the hydraulic tractor.  They will be used to transport the cat on the truck to the seaside. 
2003_04 party 1.jpg 2003_04 party 2.jpg,
2003_04 aft.jpg 2003_04 side.jpg, 2003_04 top.jpg, 2002_04 cradle.jpg