November 29, 2003

We are now completely enclosed.

The aluminun structure for the backwards slanted bridge windows is complete.

Temporary plastic and a wooden panel make do for the glass windows, which will be installed at the end of winter. 

The dinette, galley and cabin windows are now the final glass panes glued to the frames.

Recent heavy rains tested the waterproofness of the windows and even with only glue and without seal they don't show any leaks.

The final sealing compound around the glue will be apllied in the spring to wait for the ideal curing temperature. . 

The galley window through which you can see the outside railing.

All the side windows are made of 8 mm tempered, tinted glass and are glued to the frame.  The black border round the frame is the black paint on the glass to protect the glue from UV rays.  Same as you can see in any modern car.

The railing is 92 cm high.  Still missing from the part photograped are the two inbetween pipes.

To the right of the windows is what will become the air intake for the engine room.


A view of the starboard side from below of the bridge.  The windows and doors are temporary wooden panels. 

You can see a piece of finished rail.

The backward slant of the forward bridge windows appears greatly exagerated due to the unusual angle from which the photograph was taken.

The forward bridge windows will be made of 12 mm tempered, clear glass and will be glued to the frame.  



August 8, 2003

This is how far we got before taking one week of holidays in August.

At the back the superstructure is now waterproof.  The yellow wooden panels are actually templates for the glass windows. 
The very generous side walk.  The gunwales are capped with a half pipe, on top will be the railings.
The boat deck with the hatch above the dinette. 
The steps that lead from the dinette to the bridge.  The walls that will separate these parts will be of honeycombed plywood. 
The side and ceiling of the bridge.  The wooden panels will be exchanged for glass panels this fall.

2003_08 side view.jpg, 2003_08 sidewalk.jpg,
2003_08 boat deck.jpg, 2003_08 dinette steps.jpg, 2003_08 bridge ceiling.jpg
2003_11 bridge windows small.jpg, 2003_11 dinette window small.jpg, 2003_11 galley window small.jpg, 2003_11 side view from below small.jpg