March 21, 2004

We concentrated on doing inside jobs this winter, since it was just too cold to work outside.

My plans are to test the cat this Summer on the lake.  Still a lot of work ahead (building a cat seems to be a never ending job), but for the moment we are on schedule.

The watertight door to the engine room, seen from the engine side.  Probably overkill, but it looks good and the hull is getting a submarine look.

It closes and locks with a very satysfying "thunk". 

The starboard side of the bridge, with the electrical panels.

On the right the completed AC panel, in the middle the not yet completed DC panel.  The panels are standard 19" rack and the racks tilts forward for maintenance.

The rack on the left will be devoted mainly to the computer.

The panels have been painted black, but eventually will get the various labels printed on.

The electrical panels seen from behind.

The main DC wires have to carry a load of up to 200 A and therefore have a cross section of 70 mm square.

The AC panel has been in operation for the last month supplying electricity for the construction and getting a good test.



This picture has nothing to do with the PH8, but I cannot resist to include it.  My friend Mario, the owner of the marina where I build the PH8 builds wooden mast for antique sailboats.  Recently he got an order for a 26 m high mast, so he built this tunnel by joining together 3 containers and insulating and paneling them.

The effect is stunning.


2004_03 engine room door.jpg, 2004_03 brigde electrical.jpg, 2004_03 brigde electrical 2.jpg
2004_03 mario.jpg