August 5, 2004

During the last month things started to come together.

The "Aquadrive" thrust bearing and the "PSS shaft seal" were installed and the propeller shaft aligned.  
The propeller.  To install the two cutless bearings for each shaft and get them perfectly aligned we had to hand ream the aluminum pipe.  A long and boring job.

The effort was worth it. You can spin the propeller easily by hand.

To protect the propeller and shaft the nut comes equipped with a sacrificial zinc.

The rudders have been made but not yet installed.  Operation that will require a bulldozer to dig a hole in the ground.

On July 14th finally the engines arrive.  Two Cummins 270 HP turbo intercooler diesels.

Before lifting the engine, I had to reduce its width so that it would fit through the opening to the engine room.


Will I be able to reassemble everything?

Luckily the Italian Cummins subsidiary is only one hour drive away.




While I continue to take away pieces, Mario attaches the engine to the crane and in no time the engine takes off.



The opening through which the engine will have to go through.  Will the engine fit?  The moment of truth is coming.


A helping hand...



...and success!

Fulvia (the aluminum welder) and I can finally relax.




The still stripped engine in its place.

On the top of the picture, in line with the engine you can see the Aquadrive, to which the engine will be coupled with a constant speed shaft.

The alignment between the engine and the thrust bearing is not very critical and easy to do.


The next challenge will be the exhaust.  Unfortunately in August all of Italy shuts down with holidays and the company that will design and manufacture the exhaust will be back in business only at the beginning of September.




In the last log I showed the tunnel that Mario built to make wooden masts.  This is the 26 m high mast that he built.  A real work of craftsmanship, almost art.
2004_08 aquadrive.jpg, 2004_08 propeller.jpg, 
2004_08 engine installation 01.jpg, 
2004_08 mario.jpg