Summer and Fall 2006


We did a lot of sightseeing on the lake taking friends and acquaintances for a ride.

The "Isola Pescatori", the fishermen's island, opposite Stresa.


The "Isola Bella", the beautiful island.


The port catwalk, while very slowly underway 

The bottom part of the antenna arch is still provisional.

I am toying with the idea to build a tuna tower.  Already now, standing beside the arch the view is awesome.


The paint job still leaves a lot to be desired, but was not a high priority item.

The three fender boards proved to be useless with the slightest wind.


In Arona, with the Rocca of Angera in the background.


When moored sideways to a low jetty it is very easy to embark and disembark.


The two anchor windlasses.


View from the back.


Another view from the back.

In the very background the Alps.


The barbecue is already part of the furniture.


Tunnel vision

This is the view between the hulls, from back to front.


To calibrate the flow meters and get exact fuel consumption values, an auxiliary fuel tank was installed on the starboard engine.




This is the crawling space below the bridge.  

A lot of electrical wires, distribution boxes and the PC live here.  The computer case is transparent Plexiglas and is a nice sight.  Unfortunately Plexiglas does not shield the computer and eventually it will have to go into a regular, metallic case.



The bidet and the wc.

Both are suspended from the back wall to facilitate cleaning.

The head is made by Tecma, and works very well so far.  The macerator is built in and the wastes are pumped directly to the black waters holding tank.



The port engine air intake, seen from the kitchen.  The air duct is still missing..


Back to the slip.

See you later...

or better yet, come to see me...


Moored at the slip.

All the plants surrounding the cat may look nice, but in Autumn the falling leaves are hell.


At the slip.  Measuring the distance between the water and the DWL (Design Water Line).