Summer 2007



Sometimes, when at anchor, people with kayaks or small inflatables would ask whether they could pass under the tunnell.


Not much has changed on the outside.

The aft door proved to be a major problem.  It was ordered and paid for in March of this year and by November it had not yet been delivered.


In Feriolo, a charming little village across the lake you can park the catamaran right next to a charming outside restaurant. 

We are ready to go to dinner.

From left to right, Riccardo, son of Damiana and Claudio, Francesco, Paolo, Damiana, Nadia, Claudio, Clara and me.
Restaurant with a view of the catamaran.




During our explorations of the lake we met this distant relative of the PH8: a fiberglass catamaran propelled by solar panels and electric motors, with the outboards used as a backup.

The "Banano" catamaran is a floating, navigating bar that carries tourists around the lake, skippered by a young man and his wife, who is the bartender.


In Pallanza.  The occasion was the musical performance of the opera Aida, on a structure over the lake, built for the purpose.  Unfortunately the police did not let us get near enough to hear the music well, but we had a good time anyway.

On the occasion I found out that we can easily entertain 16 persons.  The biggest problem was to scrounge together 16 pfd's (life vests) .


Santa Caterina, in the background, is one of the best known monuments on the lake.  In the middle age a hermit made his home there and afterwards became a place of pilgrimage.  The place was already in use during roman times since nearby were dug up the foundation of a roman house.

I don't know why Clara looked so happy and I had such a sour expression.

In my hand is the remote control for steering and the engines.



At times wine flowed quite freely...


Since last year a couple of swans made the area round the catamaran their territory.  They are shameless beggars of food and to show their appreciation this spring they proudly appeared with seven young chicks, of which five survived and grew big thanks to the stale bread we fed them.


We finished the kitchen, complete with refrigerator, electric cooktop and microwave oven, everything electric.

Everything was bought at reasonable prices from IKEA.